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Leading the prestressed industry, Liugong ouvim bucked the trend of growth

leading the prestressed industry, Liugong ouvim bucked the trend of growth

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Guide: since the second half of 2011, China's economic growth has slowed down, and the construction machinery manufacturing industry has been hovering in the market downturn. It has been more than half of 2012, but the recovery is still only heard. While many enterprises in the bleak winter began to seek breakthroughs, Liugong ovim suddenly rose

since the second half of 2011, China's economic growth has slowed down, and the construction machinery manufacturing industry has been hovering in the market downturn. The year of 2012 has passed quietly, but the "recovery" is still "only heard". While many enterprises in the "bleak winter" began to seek breakthroughs, Liugong ovim suddenly rose and achieved successive successes. The author interviewed ZHENG Jin, vice president of Liugong group and chairman of Liugong ovim, and asked him to talk about it

since the beginning of this year, in the face of the depressed market, Liugong ovim company has made a sudden rise and achieved successive successes. In May, its overseas sales increased by 61% year-on-year, and its order volume increased by 166% year-on-year; In July, the company achieved a monthly sales volume of more than 120million yuan. When talking about the reasons for ovim's realization of "flying against the trend", ZHENG Jin, vice president of Liugong group and chairman of Liugong ovim, used the most three words "clear, calm and systematic"

"one core and two wings" of the golden wings

has the advantages of fast cooling speed and low noise. "One core and two wings" is the development strategy of Liugong group. "One core" refers to Liugong's mainframe manufacturing business, "two wings" refers to Liugong's productive service business and core parts manufacturing. Liugong group's acquisition of ovim is precisely because ovim will constitute the "golden wing" of Liugong group's development strategy, and ovim also bears the heavy responsibility of realizing the strategic objectives of Liugong group

under the strategic layout of Liugong's "one core and two wings", ovim determined the industrial positioning during the "12th Five Year Plan": first, do a good job in the field of prestress and related products. In the first two years, take traditional core businesses such as anchorage and engineering as the cornerstone, integrate resources, and strive to develop easy scale businesses such as rubber and cables, so as to realize the rapid expansion of the company's scale during the "12th Five Year Plan"; In the medium and long term, we should pay attention to the cultivation of potential businesses such as special equipment and system integration businesses such as detection, and gradually build its core competitiveness, so as to reserve strength for ovim's ultimate system solution provider. The second is the transformation of operation mode. Starting from providing excellent products and services for customers, it will transform from traditional manufacturing to industry integration, from decentralized services to integrated services, and fully reflect the value of ovim's system solutions

steady promotion of four strategies

in 2011, under the guidance of Liugong group, ovim clearly defined the vision and goal of "becoming a leading domestic and internationally renowned system solution provider in prestress and related fields", and formulated four strategies for it: the construction of technology and marketing platform; Promotion of human resources, finance and information functions; Improvement of manufacturing, quality, procurement and logistics capabilities; Internationalization and rod pulling hole φ。 Around the four strategies, ovim divides the whole strategic cycle into strategic adjustment period, strategic layout period and strategic expansion period, and refines the stage objectives of each period to steadily promote the vision objectives

ZHENG Jin told the author that in the construction of marketing platform, ovim proposed to reshape brand value, strengthen brand construction and brand management, clarify the brand positioning of ovim as "a world-class Chinese brand for system services in prestress and related fields", and put forward the market value based on the service and partner system: "the most reliable partner for system services in prestress and related fields". Therefore, Ovim will be committed to bringing technology, products and services in the field of prestress to partners and customers, including consulting, design and development, product manufacturing, engineering construction, testing, maintenance and other value chain system solutions

in terms of technology platform construction, ovim has the only national enterprise technology center, workstations, prestress Research Center, etc. in the industry, and has established cooperative relations with more than 10 famous colleges and universities, as well as a number of scientific research and design units. The company's technical consulting team has nearly 100 well-known experts, including national design masters. Over the years, ovim has edited and participated in the compilation of more than 30 national and industrial standards; It has successively completed dozens of national and provincial technological innovation projects, the national torch plan, and national key new products, and obtained hundreds of invention patents and utility model patents. Since the 1990s, many of ovim's products and technologies have been applied for the first time in China and even created a precedent in the industry

in terms of operation and management, ovim also has a development history of more than 40 years. In the early stage, ovim had deep roots with Liugong group, and is no different from Liugong group in the development process of hard work, innovative development, win-win cooperation and being an excellent national brand in the industry. Although both are strong brands in the industry, there are many common cultures between ovim and Liugong, and the integration of the two cultures is natural

in terms of internationalization construction, ovim leverages the broad platform of the group, aggregates the group's advantageous resources, realizes the rapid layout of sales and market, and effectively promotes enterprises to accelerate the pace of internationalization. In the process of Liugong group's overseas expansion and upgrading, the unique cultural concept formed will also have a multiplier effect on ovim's overseas business expansion. Over the past two years, some changes brought about by the integration of the two cultures have also begun to appear clearly. In February, 2012, the overseas business segment of Liugong ovim successfully completed the adjustment of internal organization and functions, rearranged the international market, shifted the sales focus forward, and added four overseas offices in Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and central and northeast Africa

the strong and powerful join hands to fly against the trend

the strong and powerful cooperation between Liugong group and ovim, on the one hand, has equipped Liugong group with golden wings, on the other hand, has also made ovim obtain a clearer positioning, planning and powerful energy

at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, ovim made breakthroughs in central and South America, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia and other markets, and made remarkable achievements in the development of new markets; At the same time, many major projects have been successful, such as the Indonesian mahkota project with a contract amount of $4.2 million, the Kuwait jahra project with a contract amount of $3.5 million, and the Iran Sadr project with a contract amount of $7 million

in May this year, ovim won the bid for the 115million yuan steel strand cable project of Anhui Tongling Yangtze River Bridge on Hefei Fuzhou railway, the world's largest highway railway cable-stayed bridge, achieving an unprecedented breakthrough in the long-span steel strand cable-stayed bridge project; Overseas sales increased by 61% year-on-year, and orders increased by 166% year-on-year. Major gains were achieved in the overseas market, and the pace of internationalization was growing; Ovim has signed strategic partnership agreements with a number of units with voice in the highway and railway construction industry, reserving a broader space for the development and expansion of ovim in the industry. In July, ovim company bucked the trend, and its sales revenue reached a record monthly high, reaching an extraordinary performance of more than 120million yuan, which fully reflects the strength of enterprise development

looking ahead, ZHENG Jin said: "As the vice president of Liugong group and the chairman of Liugong ovim, I am full of confidence in the long-term development of ovim. Ovim will become a powerful core enterprise supporting Liugong group to achieve the goal of 100 billion yuan. Ovim is now and will be a leading excellent enterprise in China's Prestress industry. Ovim will become an international company that will bring more value to global customers, and ovim will also become a world-class Chinese product Cards. This confidence is mainly based on the following aspects: first, Liugong group's clear strategic positioning for ovim, as well as Liugong group's strong strength and resource support; Second, ovim's leading edge and clear development strategy in the industry will ensure that ovim will take the lead in the market competition of the new round of structural transformation and upgrading; Third, the accelerated integration and development of the global economy has created a broad space for ovim; Fourth, the recognition and passionate efforts of all employees of ovim to the strategic vision and objectives will be the most powerful guarantee for new materials to help carbon fiber "get rid of" the traditional coating and complete the strategic objectives. "

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