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Hungarian user: "Liugong products have become a model of construction machinery that keeps pace with the times"

Hungarian user: "Liugong products have become a model of construction machinery that keeps pace with the times"

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Guide: for a long time, products made in China seem to be difficult to win the trust of western countries. So when the 36 year old Csaba balatinacz first saw the Liugong loader, he was as puzzled as other Hungarian construction machinery operators: Why buy machines made in China. But when he got there

for a long time, "made in China" products seem to be difficult to win the trust of western countries. So when Csaba balatinacz, 36, saw Liugong loader for the first time, he felt puzzled like other Hungarian construction machinery operators: "Why buy machines made in China?". But when he sat in the cab and actually operated Liugong clg877iii wheel loader, he immediately became a supporter of Liugong machinery

csaba has rich experience in the operation of construction machinery. He has worked in a Hungarian Mining Co., Ltd. for more than five years. At present, he is driving his clg877iii wheel loader to work in a mine in Hungary. In 2008, once mined, the mine provided raw materials for the construction of an international highway in Hungary. 100-150 large trucks were needed to transport stones every day, and the maximum output of ore was 20000 tons per day

"I like Liugong clg877iii very much," Csaba said, "It has a set of convenient operation and power conversion system, which is similar to the smart phone buttons we commonly use now, making it extremely easy to dig and lift rocks. When the excavation environment is difficult, the excellent bearing capacity and stability of Liugong clg877iii also ensure the smooth progress of the work. Once, the Airborne Gravimeter showed that the loader lifted 9.95 tons of stones, but the machine itself has no difficulty, which is really eye-catching Look. "

"the quality of Liugong clg877iii has the function of fuzzy query of experimental data. The quantity is really good. The closeness of instrument panel, door, etc. is quite perfect, and the operator can easily carry out daily maintenance of the machine, which undoubtedly greatly extends the service life of the equipment. I am very satisfied!" Csaba said with a smile. Zoltau, the boss of the mining company where Csaba is located, is also very grateful to Liugong machinery for the comfort he brings to his work. Relying on the natural resources and the suitability and convenience of location conditions, "compared with competitors, Liugong products have a very outstanding performance and have become a model of engineering machinery that keeps pace with the times."

"the original motivation for me to decide to buy Liugong products is, of course, its reasonable price, high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service." Zoltau said, "The rash shutdown and maintenance of the machine mean a serious waste of the company's capital, which is what our customers are worried about. It is also the top construction machinery manufacturing company committed to solving the failure of mechanical parts. Liugong is such a company. It can not only quickly complete the maintenance task, but also prepare for a rainy day in the production design, avoid defects, and ensure the long-term operation of the machine. Cost-effective products and fast and convenient After sales service makes Liugong stand out from many competitors, and it is a well deserved king! "

the picture shows the manipulator Csaba and the clg877iii loader operated by him

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