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The world's two paper giants helped Guangxi build the largest Forest Pulp and paper base in Asia Nanning, May 31 - Guangxi, a province with large forestry resources in southern China, is currently cooperating with the world's two paper giants to speed up the construction of Coastal Forest Pulp and paper integration, and strive to facilitate the next step of processing into the largest Forest Pulp and paper integration base in China and even Asia. Li Meisong, director of the forestry bureau of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, said today that Guangxi has increased its cooperation with foreign investment, accelerated the construction of coastal forest pulp paper integration, and strived for two units: n/15mm. In 2008, the paper mill of the Indonesia Jinguang project in Qinzhou will be completed and put into operation. At the same time, accelerate the pace of forest land transfer, and promote the process of the Beihai Forest Pulp and paper project in cooperation with the world paper giant Stora Enso of Finland

Guangxi is one of the key forest areas in southern China. 64% of the land in the region is for forestry. At present, the area of artificial forest, economic forest and fast-growing forest ranks first in all provinces in China. Moreover, Guangxi is located in the subtropical zone, and the climatic conditions are very conducive to the cultivation of forest resources. According to the national industrial layout plan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian and other southeast coastal areas are the key areas to develop forest pulp paper integration. In the development plan of Guangxi in the last five years, the integration of forestry, pulp and paper has become a new pillar industry. Not long after the Haizheng polylactic acid project was officially put into the market, it is reported that Stora Enso and Indonesia Jinguang group respectively built two Dalin pulp and paper integration projects in Beihai and Qinzhou. The Qinzhou project phase I project plans to invest 7.9 billion yuan, with an annual output of 300000 tons of pulp and 600000 tons of paper. The project has built nearly 70000 hectares of supporting raw material forest, and the construction of the pulp mill was fully started last October. The long-term plan of Jinguang group is to invest up to 50 billion yuan to build Qinzhou Forest Pulp paper integration project, with the goal of building the largest paper base in Asia

at the end of April, Beihai City and Stora Enso officially signed a land investment agreement, marking that Stora Enso Beihai Forest Pulp paper integration project, which has been prepared for four years, is expected to start within this year. The first phase of the project plans to invest 22 billion yuan, with an annual output of 900000 tons of pulp and 900000 tons of paper. The project has built 140000 hectares of raw material forest

Li Meisong said that Guangxi is planning to establish 13 state-owned forest farms into Guangxi forestry group to promote cooperation with these two foreign investors. In recent years, the senior management of Guangxi has also held talks with the senior management of the two paper giants for many times, and all parties expressed their full efforts to promote the project construction

According to reports, the forestry output value of Guangxi in 2006 exceeded 40 billion yuan, 2.5 times that of 2000. According to the plan, by 2010, Guangxi's total forestry output value will reach more than 70 billion yuan, the total area of fast-growing forests will reach 2million hectares, and the annual output of commercial timber will reach 13 million pairs of experimental machines. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has given full play to its advantages, with an annual output of 1.8 million tons of wood pulp and bamboo pulp, and 2.2 million tons of paper products produced from wood pulp and bamboo pulp, We will build a relatively developed forestry industry system with a considerable scale and strong competitiveness

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