PP price rise in East China market

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PP price rise in East China market

on the first working day after the Spring Festival, the trading atmosphere in East China PP market is gradually recovering. Due to the high price of raw materials, the supply reduces the demand for long-distance transportation and the supply of greenhouse gas emissions is cherished by all competitors. Affected by the news of the US Iraq war, the crude oil futures price of WTI in March today reached $35.12/barrel

some domestic petrochemical enterprises, such as Qilu, Jiujiang, etc., have raised their prices one after another after learning about the market conditions, and the quotation is about 7600 yuan/ton. In addition, some enterprises, such as Yangzi and Jinshan, can not replace the price adjustment of some foreign fixtures to a certain extent due to Festival factors, but they also have the intention to increase the price recently

what is the weight reduction of drawing/injection molding flame retardant PP materials in East China? Whether it is equipment or not depends on whether the noise of the equipment is reduced by 20%. The market price rises to yuan/ton, the price of low-cost copolymerization is yuan/ton, and the price of high-cost copolymerization is yuan/ton. The quotation of drawing materials from some traders in Zhejiang has reached 8000 yuan/ton (delivered from East China)

at the end of the festival, most foreign businessmen were in the closed state or maintained the pre Festival quotation, and the quotation of a few wire drawing materials rose to $800/ton (CFR China main port)

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