Decoration of self-designed mixed pastoral

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After nearly half a year of decoration, the home is a little small. Thinking about the decoration that began in October last year, I'm really filled with emotion. Because our original decoration budget was very small, we didn't have money to hire designers or decoration companies, so we went to the decoration team to do it ourselves. Designers, buyers and supervisors are all my husband and I. It's worth thinking about it now. At least I saved a lot of money. I want to thank my husband for respecting my ideas and trying my best to meet my ideas. At the same time, I also put forward a lot of helpful suggestions. Now look at our home and feel very happy. For a small house with two bedrooms and two living rooms of 90, all the things you can see at home add up to 100000. Think about the decoration that should not be expensive

first send a picture of the kitchen. This is my favorite place.

Metro's small jar, some soy sauce and other big things are put in the cabinet below





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