Install mirrors on the ceiling to help life

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[] in the vast world, there are always new things you don't know. Installing mirrors on the ceiling may be unheard of by many people. Some people have already become experts in this field. Li Ao once made a mirror on the ceiling that is said to open the door of sex, and seriously appreciated his riding skills, adding a lot of happiness to the love between the two. As early as the time of emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty, he also used dozens of polished black copper to form a unique screen, which was surrounded by the bedroom, and the imperial daughter was in the room during the day, so that all kinds of actions were reflected on the screen, like vivid pictures of spring palace. Nowadays, few Chinese people do this. However, there is no need to worry that this custom will die out. The United States, far across the ocean, inherits this tradition well. It is common for newlyweds to install mirrors on the ceiling of their bedrooms. The main reason is that in order to better release their passion, and the bedroom has become their absolute private space, breaking in to visit is very unwelcome. It is not difficult to understand when you think about it carefully.

human love is not only the satisfaction of soul and flesh, but also the appreciation of eyes. Many wonderful associations generated after appreciation can also add some gorgeous factors to the original simple sex. Men like to use their eyes to greedily glance at the beautiful women around them. They think it's not rude to stare at others. On the contrary, they also think it's a kind of praise and affirmation for the beauty of women. When they finally conquer the woman they want physically, the lust for love in their eyes is the prelude to love. It is almost a difficult task to appreciate every corner of each other's body, because human vision has a fixed range. However, when a mirror that can reflect images in an all-round way is installed on the ceiling, people's visual range suddenly expands. There is a person beside them, and there is another one on it. Between truth and falsehood, the sweetness of love increases invisibly

it is human nature to like the new and hate the old. When two bodies are too familiar with each other, many people will sigh that the feeling is that the left hand holds the right hand, which tastes like chewing wax and has nothing new. Some people cheat not because of moral corruption or lack of responsibility, but because they can't stand the loneliness of their bodies. Of course, those who have no self-control will certainly be scolded by those who control themselves well. Indecent statements such as shamelessly thinking with their lower body seem to match their behavior very well. It may be a shame for those who can still keep the eight honors and Eight Disgraces in mind, but it may be an encouragement for those who play with life.

relevant data show that love has a fresh-keeping period. As a part of love, sex is no exception. When the friction between the sexes just started to generate electricity, it was the two ends of the magnet, and it was not enough to absorb it; However, with the passage of time, the magnet will gradually return to two bodies, and even lose its elasticity, without a little fragrance. So, searching for some erotic creativity, not only should not be laughed at, but also may be a valuable experience. When passing on, we need to continue to exert our imagination and carry forward it

the mirror on the ceiling may be just a popular legend in the western world. There are not many people around us who can really do this. Perhaps, our ancestors' preferences no longer belong to us. Those who like to criticize our bedroom will surely ask, what is this, curious




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