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What tablet computer is good, and which domestic tablet computer is good? For most consumers, the tablet brand with high program support, convenient application and cost-effective price is worth purchasing. In other words, the cheap and good tablet is the best choice

which tablet is good, and which domestic tablet is good? For most consumers, the tablet brand with high program support, convenient application and cost-effective price is worth purchasing. In other words, the cheap and good tablet is the best choice. Among so many tablet computers, domestic tablet computers have gradually attracted people's attention because of their affordable price and ultra-high cost performance. So which is the best domestic tablet computer

domestic tablet computers include Lenovo, e-people, e-ben, Onda, Newman, Aino, Taidian, Kubi Rubik's cube, blue magic, Yuandao, youpai, patriot, smartware, Aishi, etc

it is mainly used to watch movies. The following is recommended for those who have requirements on endurance:

generally speaking, it is more appropriate to choose a 10.1-inch size to watch movies, because movies (especially HD downloaded by yourself) are basically widescreen, and using an 8-inch or 9.7-inch 4:3 screen will feel uncomfortable (there are too many black edges at the top and bottom). The following is mainly recommended:

recommended model for watching movies: eno novo 10 hero dual core

Taidian a11 dual core, Rk3066 is the main controller. There is no pressure to play games. Watching movies, the 10.1-inch IPS screen is also good, but the battery is not as big as the machine on it, but you don't care about charging at any time, and the battery life is not a big problem

recommended model 2 for watching movies and playing games: Pinbo M8

Pinbo is estimated to be not very famous. It began to make tablets in China in 2012. Before that, it was for foreign trade. Pinbo M8 has a 9.4-inch screen with good screen effect. The two speakers are front-end. The screen effect and sound of watching video are good. It is also the main control of rk3066, and there is no pressure for large-scale games, In addition, there is a 5million autofocus camera with flash in the back. Friends who don't care about the brand can consider it

mainly playing games is about performance. The following are recommended:

in fact, the above models for watching movies and playing games are also OK. At present, in terms of quad core, we want to play games. We recommend Samsung 4412 quad core processor. In fact, the performance of Quanzhi A31 quad core is not found to be better than rk3066 dual core, but it feels that it is not as stable as rk3066 dual core. The following is a game tablet with gyroscope, The game is more sensitive

recommended model 1 of game tablet: five elements Ifive 2

five elements is also a new brand emerging in 2012, but the reputation of the product is OK, and the price is certainly 1 to 200 yuan higher than others. He mainly advertises roll cage and high-definition screen (the group with high IPS level). The appearance and workmanship of Ifive 2 have been improved, and then there is the function of gyroscope, which is useful when playing shooting games, Gravity sensing will be more sensitive

recommended model 2 of game tablet: Benyi miracle one

Benyi miracle one is a Samsung 4412 quad core machine. Although it is said on the Internet that his fake Apple iPad is not a retina screen, with only 1G memory, does not support TF card, and the price is also 1990 yuan, the most impressive one is this one. Foxconn OEM, the quality is absolutely reliable in domestic tablets, Anyway, it's more reliable to buy this model than other domestic brands

here is the relevant information about which tablet computer is good. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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