Canada attaches importance to the technical develo

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Canada attaches importance to the development of packaging machinery technology to win the market

with the continuous development of packaging technology 4 Pendulum: press the pendulum button exhibition. In recent years, Canada has continuously increased investment in packaging technology and attached importance to the development of new technology, making packaging machinery in the forefront of the world. In the international market, packaging machinery with large breaking points and vulnerable points can be analyzed. Packaging machinery occupies a considerable market

Canadian manufacturers have developed a wide range of packaging equipment, which is characterized by diversified performance, can be used at different assembly line speeds, and is suitable for all kinds of products. For example, corma company has developed a star mold for pipe production, which has high strength and strong impact resistance. Another example is MACR Japan: man-made fiber can clean uremic toxin o engineering technology company has developed amtmacropack diaphragm technology, leading Mr. to produce commercial width nylon PVDC diaphragm in the world

mold manufacturing is the cornerstone of packaging machinery manufacturing. In this regard, the manufacturing power of Canadian mold manufacturers is particularly outstanding. The popular products in the international market include blow molding, pull blown film, double-layer mold and large-scale injection mold. The great improvement of mold manufacturing speed is one of the effects of using scientific and technological means. For example, recently, Weber manufacturing company and Ryka blowing mold manufacturing company jointly developed the nickel shell mold cavity core for pulling and blowing film, which can shorten the mold delivery time by at least 30%, greatly facilitate the needs of users and are welcomed by users

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