Cisco and Google jointly launch a new hybrid cloud

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Cisco and Google jointly launched a new hybrid cloud solution

recently, Cisco and Google cloud announced that they will cooperate to provide hybrid cloud solutions to help customers make full use of their investments in the cloud and locally. The two companies will work together to provide unique open hybrid cloud solutions to support enterprises to deploy, manage and protect applications and services in local and Google cloud platforms. The solution can not only provide the speed and scale advantages of the cloud, but also achieve enterprise level security

this solution can support enterprises to run, protect and monitor workloads more efficiently, so as to optimize existing investments, plan cloud migration process according to their own development pace, and avoid vendor lock-in. Enterprises can obtain consistent developer tools, running time and production environment to develop new applications in the cloud or locally

Cisco CEO Luo Zhuoke said: our cooperation with Google will bring our customers the powerful advantages that the cloud can bring, including agility, scale and enterprise level security and support. We both share the same vision in the development of hybrid cloud and hope to continuously accelerate innovation in an open and secure environment and bring the best solutions to customers

dia Greene, CEO of Google cloud, said: this solution jointly launched by Google and Cisco will help enterprises easily gain the advantages of cloud in a step-by-step manner. This is also the demand of customers all the time

this hybrid solution jointly launched by Cisco and Google cloud can help developers take full advantage of hosted kubernetes, GCP service catalog, Cisco network and security products, as well as istio authentication and service grid monitoring functions. Enterprise application developers can safely use cloud APIs, and cloud developers can also safely use enterprise APIs and local resources

the advantages of Cisco and Google cloud hybrid solutions include:

orchestration and management of resources across hybrid environments Kubernetes orchestration and life cycle management based on policies for applications and services

network extends network policies and configurations to multiple local and cloud environments

Security extends security policies and monitors application status

it can be heard that the material composition is very simple, visibility and control, real-time network and application performance monitoring and automation

cloud ready infrastructure super fusion platform supports existing applications and cloud native kubernetes environment

I Stio service management is an open source solution that provides a unified platform for connecting, protecting, managing and monitoring micro services

API management. Google's apigee enterprise API management platform supports running traditional workloads locally and connecting to cloud

developers through API. Cisco's DEVNET developer center provides rich tools and resources for cloud and enterprise developers, To help them quickly code in a mixed environment

support collaborative solution level technical support

the solution will be available to some customers in the first half of 2018 and is planned to be fully available by the end of 2018

to support this cooperation, Cisco Developer Network DEVNET provides a set of tools for enterprises and IOT developers to explore open source technologies, build hybrid cloud solutions, and further promote the development of IOT. Cisco DEVNET sandbox provides a free software and hardware developer environment that can be used immediately to help developers quickly explore and create solutions. Developers can run kubernetes and container networks using contiv in the sandbox, or learn courses related to DEVNET Toray PPS Composite material market share is expected to reach 30% to carry out relevant work. In addition, developers using Google cloud can make full use of the rich information, tools and documents provided by container management and innovators in kubernetes

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