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Cisco signed a memorandum of cooperation with digital China to jointly draw a blueprint for cloud ecological innovation

on November 4, 2019, at the 2019 Cisco global partner summit held in Las Vegas this week, Cisco signed a memorandum of cooperation with Digital Group Co., Ltd., which has high research and production capacity in China, and announced deep cooperation on cloud ecological innovation business

Xiao Jieyun, global vice president and CEO of Cisco Greater China, Andrew sage, vice president of Cisco global distribution business, Lin Feng, senior vice president of Cisco Greater China and general manager of partner business division, Chao Weizhong, general manager of partner business division of Cisco Greater China, ye Haiqiang, executive vice president of Digital China group, Li Jing, vice president of cloud strategy headquarters, Li Peng, general manager of luosbu, fan Xizhong, general manager of Cisco business division, and representatives of Cisco partners attending the summit attended the signing ceremony

according to the memorandum of cooperation signed this time, Cisco and digital China will give full play to their respective resources, technology and market advantages to further jointly build software service and build an enterprise level cloud ecosystem. As a cloud operator, digital China will provide customers in Chinese Mainland with Cisco Security Cloud, collaboration cloud and data analysis cloud services, and jointly expand the domestic cloud market hosting service business in combination with Cisco's advanced technologies in network products Meraki/WLAN and sd-wan and digital China's own resources and technology accumulation. The two sides will also conduct in-depth cooperation with each other's large strategic customers 9, whose lead screws and transmission parts should be regularly lubricated, as well as sales channels, so as to realize complementary market advantages, seek strategic cooperation opportunities and further develop business space

Xiao Jieyun, global vice president of Cisco and CEO of Greater China, said:

as an important member of the global cloud ecological market, Cisco hopes to accelerate the implementation of Cisco's cloud technology and solutions in China through this cooperation with digital China, add new momentum to China's cloud market and promote the further development of cloud ecology. Cisco will continue to cultivate and serve the Chinese market. Through our partner ecosystem, Cisco will serve and meet the needs and expectations of Chinese customers in more diverse ways

Ye Haiqiang, executive vice president of Digital China group, said:

Digital China has been committed to becoming an explorer, practitioner and enabler in the process of digital transformation of industries and enterprises, and promoting customers' digital transformation with digital China's cloud products, professional cloud services and digital solutions. We are pleased to further work with Cisco to build a digital China, promote the implementation of cloud services and digital transformation strategy, and provide Chinese enterprises with better technology and industry application services

as a global technology leader, Cisco has been focusing on achieving interconnection since 1984, working with partners to help society realize secure interconnection, and is committed to providing an attractive user experience based on cloud technology

Cisco cloud services are built on Cisco's industry-leading cloud product portfolio. From public cloud to internal environment, from application to infrastructure, Cisco integrates network, security, analysis and management functions with its strong technical strength to help enterprises easily connect, protect and use all kinds of clouds in a multi cloud environment, win strategic advantages, accelerate innovation and achieve business growth

as a leading cloud and digital solution service in China, digital China has never stopped exploring how to ensure equipment measurement. Over the past 20 years, digital China has built a domestic top cloud resource pool, covering more than 80 mainstream cloud manufacturers, more than 120 mainstream SaaS resources and more than 600 ecological partner resources, providing cloud to end products, solutions and services for millions of enterprises and hundreds of millions of consumers

facing the wave of digital transformation in China, digital China adheres to the determination and attitude of comprehensive cloud transformation, relies on the cutting-edge technology of cloud + big data, integrates internal and external ecological forces, constantly enriches cloud solutions and services, and becomes an enabler and booster of digital transformation of enterprise customers. At the same time, with its strong ecological network, digital China also helps overseas cloud providers realize the rapid implementation of cloud services in China, and is committed to introducing the world's most advanced products and technologies into China, providing more diversified choices for domestic enterprise users

since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement in China in 1997, Cisco has been holding hands with digital China for more than 20 years. As one of Cisco's largest partners in China, digital China and Cisco have witnessed the changes of global science and technology and jointly promoted the rapid rise of China's IT industry

today, the strategic cooperation between Cisco and digital China has been upgraded, opening up a new era of cloud cooperation between the two sides. Next, the two sides will further develop the cloud ecological innovation business and meet the urgent needs of industrial upgrading in the digital era with better services, so as to promote China's cloud market to glow with greater potential energy


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